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Teeth Whitening in Cleveland, Ohio

teeth whiteningHave a bright white smile with teeth whitening at CDI

Teeth Whitening is a temporary treatment we offer our patients who feel are missing out on their perfect smile. In fact, 90% of Americans wish their teeth were brighter, so do not feel alone!

Although brushing and flossing in your daily routine is the most common way to keep your teeth bright and white, often times, a number of different scenarios can occur which can cause your teeth to stain. Some examples, although not limited, are coffee, tea, tobacco, age, trauma, and medications.

The anatomy behind the color of teeth consists of two major pieces: 1) Dentin, and 2) Enamel. Dentin is a soft area underneath the harder shelled enamel. Drinks and
tobacco very easily stain the enamel of your teeth, causing them to appear as different colors.

When it comes to age, as we grow older, our daily brushing adds up and begins to thin the enamel. Thereby exposing the dentin, which is yellowish.

In terms of trauma, if one of our patients get hit in the mouth, our bodies naturally react and produce more dentin, thereby exposing its yellow color.

When we whiten your teeth at our practice, we will use a very simple procedure in which we use bleach in order to make the stains breakdown and become less visible. At our office we will perform a procedure in which we will apply a layer of protective gel on your gums, followed by a rubber shield to protect your gums. We will then apply the bleach, and you are done!

Although most patients have no side effects, some of our patients may experience tooth sensitivity. Most of the time, the sensitivity is temporary. If the bleach is irritating from the start, we can always reschedule and delay your treatment to a different time.

The doctors at Cleveland Dental Institute are ready to start your whitening treatment to give you a brighter smile! Now with two locations, scheduling an appointment has never been easier. Call or schedule an online at our Shaker Blvd. location or our newest location on Lee Rd in at the former Metro Health Center.


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