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Special Needs at Cleveland Dental Institute

At Cleveland Dental Institute, our doctors and staff strongly believe that everyone should be treated with quality dental care. However, we do understand that not all of our patients are able or comfortable enough to enjoy standard care.

Our doctors at CDI are well experienced, and trained in providing quality dental care to our patients with special needs. Our doctors are trained in working closely with special needs such as:

  • Physical
  • Developmental
  • Mental
  • Sensory
  • Behavioral
  • Cognitive or emotional impairment that requires special medical management, intervention, or specialized services

At CDI we work very hard to love and care for our special needs patients. Often, a challenge some patients face is the issue of communication. At our practice, we assure you, that our doctors will work to build a relationship with our patients no matter what it takes. We do our best to streamline communication, so that both our patients, and our doctors can best discuss treatment options.

Our facility provides full wheelchair access, and has translators including ASL (American Sign Language). We also offer either sedation or OR (operating room) options for behavior management.

As we do with all our patients, we will always do our best to accommodate our patients’ schedules to have them come in at an optimum time that is in the patients’ best interest. At CDI we can accommodate special needs patients of all ages.

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